Written on the same day as the previous story Apeth, I obviously had big plans for these characters and their crazy friends, but this is the only story I ever wrote about this half-teddy, half-dinosaur hybrid. Again, as with Apeth, I was cockily showing off that I knew how to spell by spelling everything deliberately badly, except where Apeth just has terrible spelling (presumably just to make him sound stupid), Tedosaurus' speech is crammed with extra R's (presumably to make it sound like he is growling).


Though I never wrote about Tedosaurus again, this is the first known visual appearance of my alter ego Shane Wepherd, who would come to dominate my life much later on.


I can also now finally reveal that the rediscovery of this picture in 2007 after many years was the inspiration behind the Colin Watson song "Me and You, a Monkey, a Teddy, a Deaf Kid and a Shoe," which you can hear in all its glory on my Comedy Songs page. My 8-year-old self would find it difficult to believe that I once sang about his pathetic made-up characters in the style of The Beach Boys to a packed audience at the Hammersmith Apollo. Actually, my 44-year-old self has quite a lot of trouble believing that as well.

Grobschnitt's Page (Feb 1980)
Apeth (Feb 26, 1980)
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Look at My Dad
Grobschnitt's Page
A violent alien prankster!
Feb 1980
The Yellyog Gang
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Mar 1980
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ith irst etters issing
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Feb 26, 1980
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
Apeth, the dyslexic primate from outer space - you can tell I've given his appearance a lot of thought
Grobschnitt - an alien prankster inspired by German prog
Mystery Personality was just one of the ever-fascinating Yellyog Gang - or at least he would have been if I'd ever written anything about them
Grobschnitt was one of the few characters I did actually return to