Another attempt to create a pantheon of comical dunder-heroes (apart from the obvious straight man 'Iana' who was obviously invented to keep all the other crazy imbeciles in line) which never went anywhere at all. Mystery Personality eventually changed his name to Unknown Personality and I know I did write at least one comic strip about him, maybe more. But apart from that and Grobschnitt, they're just like most other ideas I've ever had - just a crappy little sketch which barely gets beyond the planning stage. But the fact that only Grobschnitt is described as 'new' suggests these characters have been knocking around in my head for quite some time.


And no, I've no idea what Yellyog means. They probably make Yawn Flakes or something.

Robschnitt's Age (Mar 1980)
Grobschnitt's Page (Feb 1980)
The Yellyog Gang
Back Up Top
from Outer Space
Feb 26, 1980
Half teddy, half dinosaur
Feb 26, 1980
Grobschnitt's Page
A violent alien prankster!
Feb 1980
frum Ota Sbees
Arp 41, 1809
Robschnitt's Age
ith irst etters issing
ar 980
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
Apeth, the dyslexic primate from outer space - you can tell I've given his appearance a lot of thought
Tedosaurus - half teddy, half dinosaur
Grobschnitt - an alien prankster inspired by German prog
Grobschnitt was one of the few characters I did actually return to
Apeth's second story's nowhere near as good as his first, but the picture's better