Grobschnitt's second appearance introduced a staple to which I would return again and again whenever I wheeled him out for a spin - the "first letter shortage". I have absolutely no idea whether this was my own idea or whether I stole it from somewhere else - it's certainly possible there was something like it in a Kenny Everett Annual or on The Two Ronnies at some point, and I did like them both very much at the time. What I certainly didn't nick was the idea that Grobschnitt should have his own Batman-style car and respond to Grobschnitt signals in the sky with a feline sidekick who appears to be called Catmeat.


And, given what he appears to be saying (though the first letter shortage means it's difficult to make out), it looks like they're less interested in bombing around the city solving crimes than they are in causing them. If I've deciphered it correctly, Grobschnitt threatens to wipe the entire memory of anyone who reads this book. But only if you read it before the advent of the 21st century, so please be assured it's absolutely safe to read it now.


Already I am beginning to conclude that I am, and have always been, quite disturbingly mental.

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