Apeth's second appearance, like Grobschnitt's, is considerably less dark and much more playful, though no funnier as a result. It does however feel much more confident, like I was really getting the hang of this comedy stuff.


And it was popular too! Even the teacher Mr Geraghty joined in, as you can see from his beautifully encouraging comment.

Stupid Characters (June 1980)
Back Up Top
Robschnitt's Age (Mar 1980)
Apeth (frum Ota Sbees)
Grobschnitt's Page
A violent alien prankster!
Feb 1980
The Yellyog Gang
Would you like to join?
Mar 1980
Robschnitt's Age
ith irst etters issing
ar 980
Stupid Characters
starring Darren Spitfield!
June 1980
My Wellington Boots
A thrilling shoe adventure
July 2nd, 1980
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
Grobschnitt - an alien prankster inspired by German prog
Mystery Personality was just one of the ever-fascinating Yellyog Gang - or at least he would have been if I'd ever written anything about them
Darren Spitfield is just one of many (well, five) stupid characters depicted in this pointless page-waster
A jolly tale about a pair of flying sentient wellies that blast into space and get into trouble with the space police for killing some astronauts - but everything's alright in the end when they're back at home, safely reading their army comics
Grobschnitt was one of the few characters I did actually return to