I really don't know what to say about this. Except that it really, really must stop.

The Looney Game (Sept 1980)
Back Up Top
Daft Vader - and other super-jerks! (July 1980)
This Must Stop - Page 1
This Must Stop - Page 2
Stupid Characters
starring Darren Spitfield!
June 1980
My Wellington Boots
A thrilling shoe adventure
July 2nd, 1980
The Looney Game
A Game for Stupid Nutters
Sept 1980
Daft Vader
And other super jerks!
July 1980
The Munch Bunch
A list of food-based names
Oct 1980
A list of great names for food-inspired characters which I haven't blatantly stolen from a well-known book/animation/yogurt franchise
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
Darren Spitfield is just one of many (well, five) stupid characters depicted in this pointless page-waster
A jolly tale about a pair of flying sentient wellies that blast into space and get into trouble with the space police for killing some astronauts - but everything's alright in the end when they're back at home, safely reading their army comics
The Looney Game - the winner is the first to get to Square 32 and stay there
Daft Vader - apparently he always bathes with his clothes on