Moleman is, in certain ways, quite obviously nicked from the Marvel Comics character of the same name. When I look at pictures of the original, I have to admit this guy looks fairly similar. But I have to wonder why I bothered creating this character at all. His purpose appears to be to present a section of humorous illogical madness, centred around what he calls a "nonsense story that will never happen." And I do have to wonder why I didn't use Grobschnitt instead. Perhaps the answer is that I was nine and my flabby child's brain had forgotten about Grobschnitt, or that I saw some subtle difference in what they did - while Grobschnitt was "naughty" or perhaps even "insane" in some way, Moleman seems rather benign, even if the things he presents you with are quite nonsensical.


I assume I made up the story myself. I was certainly capable of it, but it may have been inspired by something else. If it was, I don't recall. But I do know I wasn't satisfied with it. This first version is from my 9th Fairburn Topic book some time around the end of 1980, but a revised version of it appears later on in my 13th Topic book, some time around July 1981, without Moleman's presence and simply called "The Impossible Story."


And then there's this random bit of paper I have floating around which features yet another version, this time given the title 'The Cat and the Tree', which reincorporates Moleman and adds various other nonsensical puzzles. This is by far the most advanced - there's no date on it but from the cursive writing I'd say it's either 1983 or 84. After that, I just wouldn't have been interested and my handwriting changed considerably.


I wasn't really sure which version of this to upload, so in the end I've gone for them all - I don't think either version is 'best' necessarily but it's an interesting example of how, even at that young age, I was very interested in taking the same idea and revising it until I got it right. If I ever did get it right.

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