Yet another gallery of silly new characters I did barely anything with - apart from maybe Awful Andrea.


I promise there will be no more of these. I think.


Footnote: over the years since first seeing this, my wife has habitually come to use "Crap Caron" as an adjective.

How to Be Nutty (June 11th, 1981)
Back Up Top
Flash Harry (Jan/Feb 1981)
Waen Shepherd Foiled
More revealing than it knows
Dec 1980
A violent TV review
Jan 27, 1981
How to Be Nutty
My comedy manifesto
June 11, 1981
Flash Harry
Nude men and bum sniffing
Jan/Feb, 1981
Stand and Deliver!
Your mummy or your wife!
Jan 25, 1982
Stand on your liver! Your mummy or your wife!
The glorious personal vision I had on the road to my own Damascus - the Damascus of comedy!
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
Waen Shepherd attacked by everyone from all sides
A serious turn towards aggression or was I just bored?
Flash Harry - oh dear, now Shepherd's writing about childish stuff like streaking and bum smells. Can't he act his age for once?