I don't know what it is about this piece but every time I read it I can remember just a little bit about how it felt. It was a hot summer's day and for some reason it came to me as a flash of inspiration - almost like a religious experience - that my role on this Earth was to be "the nutty Messiah" and that it was my duty to teach everyone how to become as insane as possible (or, if not, become the most blissfully insane version of me that I could possibly be).


Though I wouldn't have called it such at the time, this was like a political manifesto or a religious creed. This was my vision on the road to Damascus, and though it didn't last too long (i.e. it eventually wore off and I became capable of other moods than 'hyperactive nutter'), in many ways, it has stayed with me throughout my life. Yes, it's unfunny rubbish and it really doesn't know how to express itself in a way that anyone would find remotely acceptable, but the feeling was there - what I would now call a "mad half hour" - a manic rush of creativity in which I was unable to stop talking or coming up with ideas, so quick and plentiful that you can't write them down fast enough and it would probably take a lifetime to follow them all up. But eventually, it ebbs away and you slowly return to being your normal, boring, unfunny self, thank God.


I could go on about this, but I fear you will think I have no perspective. This piece of writing is indeed one of the most embarrassing things ever committed to paper, and by posting it on the internet I may be summoning self-destructive powers of a magnitude which I can not yet comprehend - powers that will force people to forever associate my name with this horrific piece of unfunny nine-year-old garbage.


But believe me - anyone who thinks Lesson Six of their 'Advanced Nuttiness' course involves committing suicide (and, actually, Lesson Ten as well, if you look closely) really should be referred to some doctor or other. Then again, "Be funny" and "Look stupid" are quite good pieces of advice for anyone who wants to be a comedian. So on the whole, it's quite fair and balanced.


I never did change my name to Rudolph the Blue Nosed Reindeer. I wonder why?

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