Some vague memory in the back of my mind tells me the point of this essay was to end with the words "I never laughed so much in my life!" So even though there's absolutely no excuse for the line at the end (and I cheekily even add another line after it), it was obviously an excuse for me to write something silly, so I did.


Again, it's not incredibly funny, but I do realise I've come on a bit. There are still too many bad puns for my liking (like Count Backwards and Ivor Veruca) but their context makes them seem sillier and somehow slightly more acceptable.


The stuff about Eamonn Andrews, the National Express frog and Tony Tiger are topical references, but none of them necessarily make any sense and I've no idea why they're here. Though I quite like the Frankenstein joke, and I do like the line "I'd rather be one than eat one!" (a reversal from the ad it's taken from). Not quite as "Hilarious!" as Mr Atkinson suggests but I'm definitely enjoying the praise.


I'm also aware of a little Douglas Adams creeping in here - "He went to the door, and knocked (on the door, not on the wall)" - I loved The Hitch-hiker books so his influence grew on me more and more over the next few years -  and the ending being disrupted by a strike sounds like something straight out of Spike Milligan's Q series (in fact I think his final BBC series There's a Lot of It About had just aired at the end of 1982 so it was probably fresh in my mind).

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