Another year, another school. My first year at Park High School (foremerly Pontefract Girls High School and now NEW College (sixth form only) and the fourth school I had attended in less than two years. Fortunately I managed to grab the stability while I had the chance and managed to stay there for the next seven years (even if my domestic situation kept changing all the time).


So who better to bring back for a sense of continuity than my old, well-loved character, the violent teenager Richard Forsythe, who lives with his deaf Grandad and his sleepy sister Susan. I'd written about him precisely once before, so it felt great to wheel him out for another try.


I was probably supposed to write something about my own first day at this new school, but instead chose to write about someone my own age who'd never been to school before. Interesting that I want to make this "evil character" (see teacher's notes) my main alter ego. Was this because things were a little tense at home? Did I secretly want to smash everything up? Respond sarcastically to everyone? One thing's clear - from a serious point of view, it's pretty interesting - this guy's trying to tell clever jokes (badly) but he's totally anti-authoritarian and doesn't empathise with anyone.


But Is it funny? Probably not. It's full of crap jokes about school dinners and has a faint air of superiority not borne out by the contents. Or, to put it short, it thinks it's crazy, but it really isn't. Not compared with this, or this, or this. It's really, really safe. But for my first attempt at humour at yet another new school, maybe it's as crazy as I could allow myself to be.

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May 1983
Richard Forsythe is back, but the Four Ghosts of Time have a trick in store for him this Christmas
A picture of someone nailing a Catherine Wheel to a dog's head - something I didn't expect to find in a story written by a 12 year old
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
One of a handful of comical tales I wrote at Love Lane Juniors in Pontefract
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