This one's obviously supposed to be a cautionary tale about firework hazards on Bonfire Night. But since I'd already written zillions of serious things like this before (or maybe one, but it felt like zillions), naturally I had to turn it into an OTT ultra-violent nightmare.


The protagonist isn't Richard Forsythe but, apart from being way too rich, he may as well be. A psychopath with no thought for the well-being of others who thinks only of his own gratification through the act of wanton destruction, it's yet another example of me (because the protagonist surely is me) displaying some desire to destroy everything in my path and laugh about it as I do so.


Given the exploding dog, the decapitation of "Big Gob" Jones and the eventual six mile radius of devastation he causes, I wonder if this is the goriest thing I had yet tried to do in the name of comedy. And yet, despite this, it still all feels really tame. Is that because it doesn't ring of truth? Yet again, though it has an air of cleverness about it and there are jokes throughout, some marked more clearly than others, it's not really that funny at all.


But is it even as disturbing as it thinks it is? I obviously had some burgeoning obsession with destruction and death, and took great delight in writing about it. Maybe I felt hemmed in, wanted to do something really really naughty, but just didn't know what, or why.


The main thing: It;s difficult to believe I thought it was a good idea to draw a picture in my English book of a dog having a Catherine Wheel nailed to its head. And I can't believe the teacher called it "amusing and intelligently written" - unless of course he could see that I was really, really trying. And I was. I was seriously trying to write intelligent, well-structured, and yet violently insane comedy, with good jokes. I just wasn't very good at it yet. And perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh on my 11-year-old self.


Maybe it's because I know he wasn't really being himself? But don't worry - he will be.


NB. On the first page - a rare but genuine 1980s use of the word “skill” in adjective form.

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