A third outing for the naughty Richard Forsythe and his dysfunctional family, this time yet another Christmas. And finally I manage to prove he really is me by spending the whole of the first paragraph listing my favourite BBC Sound Effect records.


Strangely, despite the violent nature of the sound effects, Richard's not quite so violent in this one - rather than pulling off cats' tails or allowing other students to take the blame for killing his own teachers, all he's doing is giving his family a bit of a scare.


Somehow it then weirdly turns into A Christmas Carol and, though it could be better written, I'm quite impressed with my restraint from over-egging the thing with jokes, then landing a pretty good one when the ghost of Christmas Future punches Richard in the mouth. I hope to God I didn't nick this from somewhere else, I actually really like it.


Even more strangely, the story then lurches beyond A Christmas Carol to the Ghost of Christmas Far Future, who assumes the tape recorders and sound effect records are all for him. And finally, having done something good for a change, Richard finally gets his comeuppance when the ghost disappears, taking the tapes and machines he now needs to help cure Grandad's deafness (somehow - did I know anything about science when I was 12?) and leaving him with nothing. I don't know why this means his family all have to beat him up, but I guess they're all just violent idiots.


So in some ways, this is actually quite sweet, admirably restrained and contains at least one killer joke, which is all it really needs. OK, it's still a bit rubbish, but what I do see here is the sign of someone relaxing. Maybe this new school wasn't so bad after all?


"Amusing, strange and accurate, Waen," said my teacher, Mr Shaw. Accurate about what? About how ghosts steal tape recorders and gory sound effects cure deafness? Cool.

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