The fourth and (as far as I know) final outing for Richard Forsythe and his awful family, who we last saw being taught a lesson by naughty ghosts at Christmas. Yet another morality tale, but this one's way too ridiculous to be taken seriously. Thank God.


Still a few crap puns which totally ruin it straight away (high street/low street) but I can see here I'm becoming much more bold with my use of language and sentence structure. This reads and feels much more like the sort of thing I'd have written at home, without anyone breathing down my shoulder: "Wonderful, ace, fab, t'riffic, fantastic and generally quite good" sounds much more like me. Though I must confess, I completely stole the phrase "minky spaz monky bonker" from Ben Elton, who used it (I believe, as an insult) on a sketch show I loved at the time called Alfresco. Not that I was really trying to pass it off as my own joke or my own phrase - I just loved it to bits and couldn't stop trying to shove it into every conversation I ever had, for at least a week.


Is it funny? Who knows? But I was getting better at it, slowly, and trying my best to find my own voice. It'd be a while yet - twenty years or thereabouts - but I was trying nonetheless.

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