I must have had a sudden attack of nostalgia when I made this comic at home - only certain pages survive, so I can't date it precisely, but from the handwriting it looks most likely to be early 1984, when I would have been about 12.


I don't remember making this at all and the first two pages are missing, so the only reason I think it might have been called "Good Comic" is thanks to the ad in the middle of House of Sport on Page 6, which claims that "Good Comic refreshes the parts of the body other comics can't reach" (a reference to the famous Heineken ads of the age).


What's clear is that this is an attempt to recapture the spirit of the 'comic' characters I invented during my Fairburn years - featuring Grobschnitt, Raven Mad, Unknown Personality, Moleman, Mighty White Corpuscle and a Star Wars parody featuring Daft Ada. Whether I wrote any more of this (apart from the obviously missing first two pages), I've no idea - I did sometimes finish comics (though rarely did a second issue) but I might just as easily got bored after Page 8 and got on with something else.


As for the content - well, mainly it's an attempt to update and improve on whatever I did before. Perhaps an experiment to see if these characters were still relevant to me? In most places I'd say the results are way more advanced than the earlier counterparts (though obviously the Al Jolson remark in Unknown Personality is a bit of a misstep - even if my hero is wearing a black mask with white holes for eyes and I may actually be taking the piss out of my old design, invoking the idea of blackface seems a bit dodgy to me).


But it seems I didn't really care. Puberty was just around the corner and my interests would very soon become very different indeed. Apart from the odd cameo here and there (and of course the return of Grobschnitt in Origen's Wake), this is the end for all these characters.


Now, now, don't cry...

Shane Wepherd: The Arspain (1984)
A pretend hit single
Back Up Top
A Christmas Tail (Nov 24th, 1983 - age 12)
Good Comic - Page 3
Good Comic - Page 4
Good Comic - Page 5
Good Comic - Page 6
Good Comic - Page 7
Good Comic - Page 8
Shane Wepherd
The Arspain
First Day at School
Do I secretly wish I was him?
Oct 17, 1983
A Cautionary Tale
Animal Lovers Beware
Nov 3, 1983
A Christmas Tail
Ghosts ruin everything
Nov 27, 1983
My pretend record "Underpants" probably did well in my imaginary Top 40
Arspain knocks down the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
My teacher Mr Shaw brands my character Richard Forsythe 'evil' but I just think he's bored and misunderstood
A picture of someone nailing a Catherine Wheel to a dog's head - something I didn't expect to find in a story written by a 12 year old
Richard Forsythe is back, but the Four Ghosts of Time have a trick in store for him this Christmas