During that strange period before and during puberty, Shane Wepherd (who was first mentioned here and here and we sort of became more closely acquainted with here) became my flagship alter ego, and it's clear from the very few remnants I have left that I wrote about him rather a lot.


These four lonely extracts may seem to be from different stories at first but it's obvious they're all connected, if not directly. Two of them feature the giant robot called 'Arspain' while the next two seem to follow on from the 'Plague of Bogies' episode, ending with Shane in Heaven.


I can't tell from any of these exactly when they were written, but the handwriting suggests some time around the beginning of 1984 (or perhaps the end of 1983) - the lack of any real sexual content suggests they were pre-puberty (which hit towards the end of March 1984, big time). They're definitely 1983 at the earliest though - the references to Keevan Starter and Tim Armhead - two of Shane's former enemies - are references to two of my best friends at Love Lane Juniors (Stephen Carter and Tim Ahmed) and I was only there for just over a year, ending July 1983. It's easily possible - especially since both The Plague of Bogies and Shane in Heaven suggest that Keevan Starter is an old enemy of Shane's who possibly created Arspain and has already previously died) - that I wrote this after leaving Love Lane.


What's clear is that I really did love writing about this guy, and gave him a rich, lengthy history - most of which ended up being consigned to the dustbin.


Then again, Shane's character was about to embark on a very different kind of journey. One which I obviously made sure I kept...

Underpants (1984)
Bobby Goes to Scunthorpe
My first comedy song
Spring 1984
Back Up Top
Good Comic (1984)
Shane Wepherd: The Plague of Bogies - continued
Shane Wepherd: The Plague of Bogies - Part 6
Shane Wepherd: The Arspain - Part 3
Shane Wepherd: Shane in Heaven - Part 1
Shane Wepherd: Shane in Heaven - Part 2
A pretend hit single
A Cautionary Tale
Animal Lovers Beware
Nov 3, 1983
A Christmas Tail
Ghosts ruin everything
Nov 27, 1983
Good Comic
Last outing for old chums
Detail from the tape cover to The Wepherds, which features my first recorded comedy song
My pretend record "Underpants" probably did well in my imaginary Top 40
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
A picture of someone nailing a Catherine Wheel to a dog's head - something I didn't expect to find in a story written by a 12 year old
Richard Forsythe is back, but the Four Ghosts of Time have a trick in store for him this Christmas
An angry bird called Raven Mad - blimey, how do I come up with these names? I must be some kind of genius