Another unfinished book in the style of 'It', which tries to be as crazy as possible. This time I'm inclined to believe I genuinely was feeling inspired, but JJ Willybonker is possibly the most embarrassingly useless name I could possibly come up with (but perfect for a twelve year old).


The quest storyline again suggests the principal influence was the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks I was obsessed with throughout 1983 and 84. There's also a lot of Douglas Adams in there. But with its cavalcade of silliness and endless bad puns, it still reminds me more of my own previous work.


It's rubbish, of course, but also strangely fascinating. To me at least. And since I'm the only person who reads this site, that means I'm definitely right.


Note for younger readers: Maxwell House was a brand of instant coffee which was often advertised on TV at the time (though I don't ever remember drinking any).


Note for older readers: oops, just looked it up and realised Maxwell House still exists! Did you know that?


Learning Skruplokian (1984)
Man of the Future
A scientific illustration
Back Up Top
It (1984)
The Quest for JJ Willybonker - Page 1
The Quest for JJ Willybonker - Page 2
The Examination
Exams Squared
Summer 1984
The Boy Who
Chewed Too Much
June 7, 1984
Learning Skruplokian
A guide for travellers
An unfinished novel
Man of the Future - a biological examination
Learning Skruplokian - a genuine guidebook I actually finished, so visitors to the planet Skruplos could communicate with the locals
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
The final story in the incredibly interesting Richard Forsythe quadrilogy
The Examination - written about an examination, during an examination
'It' was just the name of Chapter One - if I'd finished Chapter Two, this might have been called 'A Faceful of Dongers'