FINALLY - living proof that I used to make my own pretend records out of paper. I don't have the paper disc which I swear I must have made to make this seem even more realistic, but I do have this pretend record sleeve. There are vague ZTT references on the back sleeve but it's still a puerile load of toss, so I have to conclude I must have made this some time around the summer of 1984, at the peak of my Frankie Goes to Hollywood craze when Two Tribes was at Number One for nine weeks (and I played it, and Relax, constantly, for months, collecting as many vinyl and cassette mixes as I could).


What's great is that I even still have the lyrics to both the songs on this pretend single. As far as I know, I never recorded them (though I did adapt some of the lyrics of one of them for this song) and I've completely forgotten how the tunes went, so I suppose they're pretend songs as well. And thank God for that, because they're just about the most embarrassingly rubbish thing I could possibly have written.


But how would that young, 12-year-old me feel if he knew that one day, such dreams would eventually result in this? Or even this?

Bobby Goes to Scunthorpe (Spring 1984)
Shane Wepherd
The Affair
Back Up Top
Shane Wepherd: The Arspain (1984)
Waen Shepherd: Underpants sleeve (front)
Waen Shepherd: Underpants sleeve (back)
Waen Shepherd: Underpants (A-side lyrics)
Waen Shepherd: Underpants (B-side lyrics)
Bobby Goes to Scunthorpe
My first comedy song
Spring 1984
A Christmas Tail
Ghosts ruin everything
Nov 27, 1983
Good Comic
Last outing for old chums
Shane Wepherd
The Arspain
A line I didn't expect to find in a comic strip written by a 12 year old
Detail from the tape cover to The Wepherds, which features my first recorded comedy song
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
Richard Forsythe is back, but the Four Ghosts of Time have a trick in store for him this Christmas
An angry bird called Raven Mad - blimey, how do I come up with these names? I must be some kind of genius
Arspain knocks down the Leaning Tower of Pisa