A typical piece of comedy art I might have done in the mid-80s. The names at the bottom refer to my classmates Graeme Bright and Chris Townend and my first year class teacher Terence Shaw. Gosh, I didn't half give him some stick, poor man.

Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (Mar 26th, 1985)
Learning Skruplokian (1984)
Man of the Future
Learning Skruplokian
A guide for travellers
Back Up Top
The Quest for
JJ Willybonker
The Examination
Exams Squared
Summer 1984
The Wepherds
Soap Opera
May 1984
The Boy Who
Chewed Too Much
June 7, 1984
Learning Skruplokian - a genuine guidebook I actually finished, so visitors to the planet Skruplos could communicate with the locals
JJ Willybonker - I'd be proud to have a name like that and even prouder to write an unfinished book about him
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
Shane Wepherd smashes his own daughter's teeth out with a bar of soap
The final story in the incredibly interesting Richard Forsythe quadrilogy
The Examination - written about an examination, during an examination