A typical piece of comedy art I might have done in the mid-80s. The names at the bottom refer to my classmates Graeme Bright and Chris Townend and my first year class teacher Terence Shaw. Gosh, I didn't half give him some stick, poor man.

Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (Mar 26th, 1985)
Paul Under Roman Arrest
(Rewritten by an idiot)
May 7, 1985
Back Up Top
Learning Skruplokian (1984)
Man of the Future
Never Take Sweets
From a Stranger
Mar 26, 1985
An unfinished novel
The Quest for
JJ Willybonker
Learning Skruplokian
A guide for travellers
A Roman Centurion with the face of a pig packs one of Christianity's founding figures in a tiny box and leaves him in the hands of Royal Mail - that happened in the Bible, didn't it?
An 11-page epic about an acid trip written by a 13-year-old who's never taken drugs
Gary Le Strange relaxing in the Comedy Store
'It' was just the name of Chapter One - if I'd finished Chapter Two, this might have been called 'A Faceful of Dongers'
JJ Willybonker - I'd be proud to have a name like that and even prouder to write an unfinished book about him
Learning Skruplokian - a genuine guidebook I actually finished, so visitors to the planet Skruplos could communicate with the locals