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This website is supposed to be about my work rather than my personal life, but sometimes it's difficult to work out where one ends and the other begins. It makes professional sense for me to want to showcase the visual side of my work as Gary Le Strange. And it stands to reason why I might want to show you stills from films and stage shows I've been involved in, or create a gallery of the actor's headshots I've had taken over the years.

But posting pictures of myself as a university student in the early 1990s is tinkering with the borderline. And there's no excuse for this personal archive of photographs of me as a child in the 1970s. Even less so for this wanton display of crappy pictures I drew when I was 12. I may as well just ring the paparazzi and ask them to camp outside my flat all day taking close-up shots of my genitals. But what the hell, I've done it now.
A random detail no one would ever have spotted in the animation 'Origen's Wake' I made for Channel 4 in 2001
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A recently unearthed picture of Gary Le Strange taken in 2003
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A serious actor's headshot by Alex Franklin
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