Feeding time. Note the mural of the woman's head, painted by my Dad (who at the time was still an aspiring artist)
Me on the wall outside our flat, 1975
This photo formed the basis for Origen's face in Origen's Wake
Rowntree's Jelly Tots
I don't know which is more disturbing, the crap frisbee-throwing blonde kid or the toilet seat welded to the wall in the background
A proper 1970s Yorkshire holiday with my Mum & Dad and their mate Diane
Shepherd buried alive
Waen Shepherd in his sporty years
Not much bucket and spade action on this damp Welsh beach
Dad's mate Tony who we were staying with in Wales
With Dad in the distance on a Welsh hillside
With Mum on a Welsh wall
With Mum and Tony's girlfriend Evelyn, on a Welsh bench
I have no idea exactly where this is but the scenery is stunning
My wife says this is my "I'm cold" face
Shepherd always preferred the stick to the lolly
Green polo neck at Mary & Jack's house in Durkar
With my Grandma Mary in Durkar
With my Grandma Renee at the Kenbarry Hotel in Blackpool, 1977-78
I used to go for Sunday walks with my Grandad Jack - I presume this was one of them
Official Redhill First School photo, 1978. Note the lack of front teeth
In black & white
Mum & Dad didn't let me have toy guns so I had to improvise with sticks. The other kids in the photo were, I think, called Maria and Shaun, but I may be wrong
Waen Shepherd is Tom Baker, 1975
Serious contender for the best photo of me ever - in my bedroom at 11 Dove Drive, Airedale, 1978
I am not sure whose crimes of fashion are greater here but I think I probably win
More dungarees, these ones bright red, dancing with Mum at a New Year's Eve party, probably 1979-80
Me and Mum with the Foxes - Dave, Jane, Leesa and Mark
With Leesa Fox and her brother Mark, Shipley 1978-79. I HATED THIS JUMP SUIT
A jumper and shorts?!?!
Year Zero
With Mum, Mary & Dad
With my Grandad Jack, 1971/72
A crawling baby
Big baby, 1971/72
Sitting on Grandad's knee
My 18-year-old parents stand outside 14 Dove Drive. The bloke in the background was a neighbour, I think.
Grandma Mary wonders what on Earth I am doing to that poor lion
Not my fashion crimes this time but my Dad's white trousers are stunning
One of the earliest pictures of me, with my Mum, 1971
Same place, different day - did we come back here the following year?
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Those wacky Comedy Cellar Kids in 1991
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