Illusion - the first of my Doctor Who reboot series, 1984
The Creatures of the Mist, featuring new enemies the Skells
The Cenozoic Era
The Five Doctors - not the official one, but a new version written by me
The first poem I ever wrote, age 5
A similar Dalek to the Emperor - did I draw them the same day?
I drew this on the back of 'Look at My Dad'
1TS: The first official episode, which I couldn't quite manage to do in full colour
1TS: Radiator. Mr Vause was the school caretaker
1TS: Pilot - Page 2. Many of the jokes will be lost on someone who wasn't a 12-year-old at Park High School, Pontefract, in 1984
1TS: Pilot - Page 1. For a few brief months, Richard Saunders was the shortest person in the class and Waen Shepherd was the tallest. But this was nearly 30 years ago, I'm sure he'll have overtaken me by now
The estate was modelled after memories of Airedale, a suburb of Castleford, West Yorkshire, where I grew up
Fairdale, West Yorkshire, 1979. Karl Cresser is the genius behind the colliery wheel, the egg box factory and the plumes of green smoke
Origen's Mum, Jancis, permanently in her dressing gown
Origen's face was based on a photo of me at the age of 2
Origen & Grobschnitt play "One Potato Four"
Who knew rainbows contained so many colours?
The Doctor Who Puzzle Fun Book
A satirical comic strip I wrote in my first year at Park High School, Pontefract, about the school and my class mates. 1TS was the name of the class, 1 denoting the first year and TS being the initials of my form teacher, Terrance Shaw. Mr Shaw was quite a laid back, creative young guy who had quite a hippyish vibe going on with him so it wasn’t a huge leap to imagine him as Neil from the Young Ones (easily the best thing on telly for a 12-year-old boy in 1984). I wrote the first strip for a laugh, just for my mates to read, but Mr Shaw got hold of it and for some unfathomable reason suggested I should write some more, which I was then inexplicably allowed to pin to the main school notice board for all to see. I wrote about 6 or 7 but these 3 are the only ones I managed to hold onto.
"If Jim Callaghan's so brilliant, why doesn't he come down here and empty the dustbins?"
Loueez was based on a hybrid of two girls I knew when I was little
Captain Darkness appears!
Grandma's House
Origen tried to impress the kids by rolling around in a mucky puddle
Scott, Origen's arch-enemy
An Eminem reference, which in itself was a Friday 13th reference
Origen's Gran haunts him in his sleep
Meeting the kids on the estate
Origen's Dad Gordon was the chief antagonist in the plot
A giant Captain Darkness just about to fall to his doom
Self-portrait with silver tear
The Beef Scarecrow
Oxford (1990-1993)
Airedale (1971-1979)
My Life in Airedale
Captain Starlight
Back page of Alien Babes, photo courtesy of Mouse
Origen's Blackboard No.2
Origen's Grandad
Origen's Blackboard No.1
Front cover of Alien Babes, photo courtesy of Mouse
Blood, Bad & Piggydeath
Mr Hate
Donny Spandex, Gordon's favourite pop star
Mum, Dad & pussycat
The Incredible Gang
Origen's Evil Blackboard
Captain Darkness
Mr Space
The Infernal Gang
Gordon & Jancis on their wedding day
Those wacky Comedy Cellar Kids in 1991
Pictures of a Student
Black & White Headshots
Stage & Screen
Pics from Films & Shows
Gary Le Strange
The Bionic Lord of Pop
James Betts' iconic poster shot for Polaroid Suitcase
Gary Le Strange
The Byronic Lord of Pop
I wish this was my Spotlight photo
Showing off at the 100 Club
Trouble at Blue Anchor Lane
Starring Waen Shepherd as Doctor Who