Tom Bainton & Ellie Harrison
Some of the cast of 'Satan Made Me Do It' - Waen Shepherd, Liz Edwards, Tom Bainton, Polly Faber, Tracey Hill, Keiron Self
Oxford student comedy, Spring 1991 - please don't ask me to name them all
With fellow aspiring comedians, Spring 1991 - Waen Shepherd, Liz Edwards, Tom Bainton, Polly Faber, Tracey Hill, Keiron Self
Me standing in front of Oriel College, Oxford. It can only have been 1990 in those clothes
The front quad
The passageway from the 2nd quad to the third. I think. It's been a while
"Look Dad, there's even more of it through there!"
Tigger (Ellie Harrison) dances with Piglet (Holly Mackay)
The cast of Winnie the Bear, minus me (I was taking the photo)
We actually performed it in New College Cloisters
The Baddie unmasked as evil TV presenter Philip Schofield
The Baddie (that's me) rides Eeyore (Mat Clapham)
I'm not sure the title really does get round the potential copyright issues but what do I know?
Polly faber, Keiron Self, Waen Shepherd, Ruth Phillips
These pics were all taken in a playground somewhere in Oxford
Corrupting a young child by offering him cigarettes
The kid was a local boy who just happened to be passing
I do believe we're genuinely trying to look cool on this one
The photos were all taken by Mad Pill, about as nineties a name as you can think of (but it was actually her real name)
Steve Austin's Fantasy Sandwich, spring flyer
Right on
With Holly Mackay at Magdalen Ball, 1991
Magdalen Ball, Summer 1991. Even in a bow tie, I still looked like a scruffy git
Me eating chicken. The hole in the knee was inspired by laziness rather than fashion
A devilish red eye picture of me looking pompous, late 1991
Bearded in black & white, Autumn 1991
I think I was the first student to actually turn up
It may look quite calm but it was probably one of the most nervewracking days of my life
Me in my exciting new room, which would be my home for the next 9 months
The illustrious cast
Steve Austin's Fantasy Sandwich, summer flyer
Edinburgh, August 1991
I'd rather have a cigar than get my specs mended, Christmas 1991
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