I just hadn't really worked out what my 'look' was supposed to be
I looked like a man who'd had a few problems - which is exactly what I was
Not even swamping me in darkness can remove my fear of my own weight gain
Not a bad shot but I don't half look uncomfortable
My first ever actor's headshots, October 1995
I would kill to be that thin now
The shot I eventually chose as my main one
Trying to look moody and attractive
It's amazing how much I look like Brian Wilson in this one
Putting a brave face on it
Much as I would have liked to continue using my Fletcher pics in 2002, unfortunately by then I was over six years older and several stone heavier. These pics are better than I remember but at the time I was appalled by how fat and insecure I looked and, though this wasn’t the photographer’s fault, there wasn’t a shot among them I could consider putting in Spotlight.
The most expensive photograph of me ever taken
Taken during the publicity session for Beef Scarecrow. Lovely photo, wish I wasn't wearing the tie
Because I hadn’t been able to choose a useful publicity shot from the previous batch, Moira kindly offered to do a second shoot a few weeks later, and for this one we took a very different approach, going for more of a casual feel. Thankfully this was much more me and produced more comfortable results. Hard to believe it’s only a few weeks. Doesn’t look like the same man.
I absolutely love this shot and would love to use it as my main publicity shot for all time but sadly it doesn't seem to work like that
Left: The most expensive photograph I’ve ever posed for (I can’t bear to tell you how much it was after VAT) and it’s only through making this page that I realise I don’t even own a copy of it myself. I had to trawl the internet for this picture. Something will have to be done about that. It’s a very pretty photo but I hated my hair being that long. Within a year I’d had it all cut short again and this looked nothing like me.
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