Karaoke with a live band, July 2009
That's Foz on guitar
Great shot of Martin White
Cool fifties hardmen
Fantastic photo of Shelley Longworth
Yes, that is a lyric sheet I'm holding, but it's karaoke so it's allowed
Chico and the Ginger Goofball
Don't mess with a military man
The flower on my lapel is a Marie Curie cancer daffodil
They usually ask me along if they want to do a David Bowie cover, but Ben Miller still goes down in history for the best Bowie impersonation at Karaoke Circus, for the time he sang 'Under Pressure' - doing both the Bowie and Mercury parts himself, effortlessly
Keyboards Martin White, Guitar by Foz, Drumming by David Reed and bass by Danielle Ward
Martin readjusts the mic (presumably after I feverishly destroyed it)
Simon Farnaby's gonna get you if you're not careful
Tony Way
Barunka makes love to a big fat head
"You gonna eat that or not?"
Alice Lowe
Marion faces up to his father
Inside Fatboy's Diner
Rich Sandling wielding a political weapon
I'm sorry you had to see this
Unbelievably, these were taken in the same session as the uncomfortable-looking actor headshots on the previous page. Amazing the transformation when you stick me in a mini skirt
Steve and Katy
James Bachman in a fetching scarf
Professor Bitch
Chas and Rave
Tom "Not Jools" Meeten hanging about on set
Alice Lowe in an amazing wig
Lead singer of The Dirty Murders
Jane Watkins in make-up
Jane and Alice
Father Pilgrim And The Mind Projections Of An Ever Glowing Hat Perched On The Edge Of The Universe
Sir Girlahad
Professor Bitch with Alice and Shelley
Backstage with Steve Oram
Steve Oram rocks out
Gary Le Strange (2002-2003)
Actor (Headshots 1995-2012)
Gary Le Strange
The Bionic Lord of Pop
James Betts' iconic poster shot for Polaroid Suitcase
Pictures I Once Drew
The Cenozoic Era
Those wacky Comedy Cellar Kids in 1991
Pictures of a Student
Gary Le Strange
The Byronic Lord of Pop
Gary Le Strange
The Moronic Lord of Flop
Black & White Headshots
I wish this was my Spotlight photo
Trouble at Blue Anchor Lane
I am the Master and you will obey me