The original idea was to dress him like he's just been through his sister's wardrobe
Pictures like this made me realise I needed to lose weight
Gary's first photo session by Kate Darby, 2002
After this session though, we realised his make-up needed to be a little bit more subtle if the act was really going to work
A terrible Photoshop experiment
This became the front cover of the Sex Dummy EP
A slightly better Photoshop experiment
I really wanted him to look like the worst pop star imaginable
This was a regional heat in London, nowhere near the final
With Simon and Georgie
'So You Think You're Funny?' is an annual comedy talent competition, which I entered twice (in 1997 and 2002), getting nowhere each time
Simon Farnaby came down to cheer me on
I wasn't deemed very good by the judges and was not invited to take any further part in the contest
Gary Le Strange with an adoring fan
Sex Dummy and Geometry were the only songs I had so I sang them both back to back
This night also featured the first performance of 'Is My Toaster Sentient?'
Probably the first appearance of Gary's iconic mini kilt
The difference between this and the photos just one year before is stunning
I think there were only about four people in the audience at this point of the evening
Drinking at the Pleasance Dome with Chris Limb and Matthew Perret
The second act saw me wearing my 'pervy cyborg' costume. Photo by Victoria Valenzuela
Act 3 saw me returning to the stage dressed as 'Earl Grey'. Photo by Victoria Valenzuela
Earl Grey wows the Edinburgh crowds. Photo by Ben Moor
Only ten minutes into the show and already I'm a sweaty, dishevelled mess. Photo by Victoria Valenzuela
It's probably too far away to see but this is a picture of Simon Farnaby collecting the Perrier Newcomer Award on my behalf, from Mark Gatiss and Reece Shearsmith. I wasn't there because I was still on stage several streets away doing my show
Gary Le Strange (2004-2005)
Stage & Screen (2001-2011)
A recently rediscovered set of publicity shots taken by James Betts to promote my Polaroid Suitcase show in 2003. With great thanks to Chris Limb for unearthing them after nine years.
See more of James' work at  www.jamesbetts.com
Those wacky Comedy Cellar Kids in 1991
I am the Master and you will obey me
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I wish this was my Spotlight photo
Trouble at Blue Anchor Lane
I am the Master and you will obey me
Showing off at the 100 Club