An iconic shot by Alex Tsander, Feb 2004
At the time I was astonishingly busy and barely had time to think...
The mask came from a cheap market stall in Venice
Gary Says "Face War! Show Yourself!"
This shot was used for the poster and album cover
The most impressive make-up job I've ever had
One of my favourites, this one captures the full essence of Gary Le Strange
Gary in red
"What do you mean I was better last year?"
Peering through the darkness
We didn't know whether this was going to kick off but fortunately we got away with it
Rotherhithe Fashions
A beautiful scene on Blue Anchor Lane, Andy Hollingworth 2004
The first shot from the session
The coat was designed for me by my Dad's wife Debbie
Robert Smith?
The shot that probably should have been on the poster
Probably the best photo from the session, another one that should have been on the main poster
Stills from a video my Dad made of my Edinburgh show, 2004
The lighting was much more professional in this show, but it wasn't until after the tech rehearsal that I was informed I'd have to pay an extra £1000 to use it
PVC t-shirt & trousers for 'Seedy Pimp'
The Golden Age
Gary Le Strange with his Dad (who's also called Gary), August 2004
Gary Le Strange with his wife, August 2004
"I mean, do I look like a Nazi?"
Gary in a detective suit singing 'Modern Disguise'
In Club Le Strange, Dan played 'Dave', Gary's biggest fan, who by this point has been stalking him so long, he's become part of his backing band
By the third Mandragora gig the following month, we were down to just two members - me and Dan - after which the band finally split
We played exactly three gigs - well, I say "We" - Chris broke his arm after the first one so the 2nd (this one) was just me, Dan & Jeremy
Gary's short-lived band featured Chris Limb on bass, Jeremy Limb on keyboards and Dan Mersh on guitar
The band was named 'The Masques of Mandragora' based on audience suggestions
Backstage at the Hen & Chicken, Bristol
I didn't know half these photos existed until I looked through some old e-mail attachments the other day
My deep inner tiredness starts to poke through
The show was a blinding success and I was back at the same venue within a few months
On stage in Bristol, 2004
Gary Le Strange (2006-2007)
Gary Le Strange (2002-2003)
Gary Le Strange
The Bionic Lord of Pop
James Betts' iconic poster shot for Polaroid Suitcase
Face Academy Inlay Booklet - Pages 8 & 1
Face Academy Inlay Booklet - Pages 2 & 7
Face Academy Inlay Booklet - Pages 6 & 3
Face Academy Inlay Booklet - Pages 4 & 5
Face Academy Back Inlay - Inner
Face Academy Back Inlay - Outer
Face Academy Label
Dan made this rather professional looking Gary Le Strange t-shirt himself
Paul Litchfield played Philip de Vine, Gary's old bandmate and rival
Gary Le Hives
Gary Rotten
The final ever gig by The Masques of Mandragora, now reduced to just a singer and a guitarist
Gary Idol
Every week Philip turned up in an attempt to derail the show in increasingly desperate ways
This week was Philip's final appearance, he and Gary finally made amends and did a lovely duet together
Those wacky Comedy Cellar Kids in 1991
Pictures of a Student
Black & White Headshots
Stage & Screen
Pics from Films & Shows
I wish this was my Spotlight photo
Showing off at the 100 Club
I am the Master and you will obey me
Gary Le Strange
The Moronic Lord of Flop
Gary Le Strange
The Revolving Door of Mock
I am the Master and you will obey me