A complete change of image for Beef Scarecrow
Reaching out for something... but did I really know what?
The shot Magritte would have gone for
I was trying for a look which seemed quite sixties in a British sort of way
This could have been a publicity shot for The New Avengers
The umbrella was a very versatile prop
But I also wanted it to seem vaguely modern and kind of timeless
This one made it onto the CD sleeve
Resofit was a benefit gig for digital radio station Resonance FM
Bit too Cabaret for my liking
I don't know why this reminds me of Blur circa 1995 but it does
The background for the Beef Scarecrow poster, Steve Ullathorne 2006
Gary Le Strange unmasked
Beef Scarecrow Uncooked
A nice lady polishes Gary's umbrella
Smoking an imaginary fish
Holding onto my bowler
I did this slot as a favour to a judge when someone dropped out of a key slot
The particular night in question was an evening of erotic performance held in benefit for the Outsiders charity
Although I was mainly convinced Gary Le Strange had had his day, I was still writing new songs and considering a new album and show
But after writing only two decent songs for it I became disillusioned and decided to pack it in
Apart from the odd gig here and there (whenever anyone asked nicely enough), it was another five years before I felt I could return to Gary Le Strange
Had the new show gone ahead it would have had a more Goth/industrial/darkwave flavour and was provisionally called 'Darkest Hits'
Apart from the compere Mat Fraser, I was the only non-stripper on the bill
One of the last gigs I did while I still thought Gary Le Strange had a future
Gary Le Strange (2004-2005)
Gary Le Strange
The Byronic Lord of Pop
Fenris in Colour!
A bowler hat on a wall
A fetching hat & scarf combo
Fenris the Pinata/Household God
What time is it on, Secret Wolf?
Meat Crackers
The original CD cover
Fenris in the bushes!
Gary Le Strange (2012-2015)
Gary Le Strange
The Bionic Lord of Pop
James Betts' iconic poster shot for Polaroid Suitcase
Those wacky Comedy Cellar Kids in 1991
Pictures of a Student
Black & White Headshots
Stage & Screen
Pics from Films & Shows
I wish this was my Spotlight photo
Showing off at the 100 Club
I am the Master and you will obey me
Gary Le Strange
The Revolving Door of Mock
Trouble at Blue Anchor Lane