Scouting out locations for the video - Carradale House, East London
Janice, the mannequin who plays Gary's Mum
A shot between takes in Gary's electronic bedroom
A cruel shot discovered
Mother and child (Baby Waen didn't make it into the final cut)
Janice cleverly disguised as Gary's dead father
What about these garages round the back?
Recce of East India Dock Basin
Gary's appallingly untidy floor
Gary and Janice rehearse a scene
Mum is about to be slaughtered... or not...
Vegging out in front of Jeremy Kyle
This really is Gary's most personal song to date
Gary stands proudly in front of his new art display
Gary tells Dad where to get off
Relaxing in specs between takes
Gary reveals the depth of his dual nature with a peace sign on its side and a clenched fist
Gary rocking out
Gary startled by something in the corner of his eye
Gary ponders a philosophical question
Wearing a hat indoors is cool but wearing three pairs of glasses as well is even cooler
Gary rocking even outer
Gary Le Strange (2006-2007)
Gary poses naturally with his mannequin companion
Gary gazes upon Janice with wide-eyed innocent admiration
Gary and Janice were made for each other
Gary displaying a face of pure and terrifying evil
Gary licking a lollipop in a way that is both natural and sexy
It's cool to wear a hat indoors
Gary's first gig for two years - Club Fantastico, Shepherd's Bush, July 2012. By Mog
Greenpeace 40th birthday event, Dalston, Sept 2012. By Lisa Thomson
Greenpeace 40th birthday event, Dalston, Sept 2012. By Lisa Thomson
Bedsitland, Boston Music Room, Tufnell Park, October 2012. Long exposure photography by Giddy Gavin
With long-time Gary Le Strange enthusiast Mandy Jones
The 'half a beard' look I always thought Gary should try at least once
A beautiful long exposure shot of the audience
Backstage with Anthony Reynolds
The gig was a publicity event for Anthony Reynolds' forthcoming biography of Japan, so most of the songs I sang that night were inspired by Japan and David Sylvian. This one is probably 'I'm Japanese'
Backstage with Colleen Spencer
The first public performance of 'Norman (I've Dropped My Cup of Tea)'
Anthony Reynolds bathed in angelic light
Gary poses naturally on his chaise longue
Gary at his most sexy and dynamic
Gary reading one of the books from his extensive library
Gary poses naturally with his favourite glockenspiel
Gary clutching one of his many convincing awards
Mary doesn't like Janice
A Brief Moment in the Life of an Egg
Gary cuddles the world to sleep on a park bench
This bouncer will NOT let you into his bright green party
Beautiful farmyard model prior to devastating penis attack
See the dummies in the front room
A Can of Ponk
Professionally Lifelike Nuclear Rat
High Quality Hunky Obama Puppet
The egg Kraftwerk forgot to eat for breakfast
Janice eats pizza
Look at how much Gary clearly enjoys his deep throat attack
Gary has the whole world in his hands
Gary brushing his sexy teeth with a rubber cock
Gazing onto pornographic vistas
Gary salutes, just in case you're his commanding officer
Gary opens wide just in case you are his commanding officer
Gary licking one of his own hairy knockers
A newsreader about to get a sexy surprise
The dark consequence of a dummy fight
Janice and Mary make up by dressing in posh suits and hats
Gary's first porn shoot
Gary opens wide to taste the joys of many men
Gary Le Strange
The Moronic Lord of Flop
I am the Master and you will obey me
Gary Le Strange
The Byronic Lord of Pop
Gary Le Strange
The Bionic Lord of Pop
Pictures of a Student
Black & White Headshots
Stage & Screen
Pics from Films & Shows
James Betts' iconic poster shot for Polaroid Suitcase
Those wacky Comedy Cellar Kids in 1991
I wish this was my Spotlight photo
Showing off at the 100 Club
Trouble at Blue Anchor Lane