Electric Dance

I'm alone in my room again
Blonde fringe all blowing in the breeze
There's that haunting sound again
A grey sound like a chicken in the trees

3 am, best go to bed
But I hear voices in my head
They make me do some random things I don't profess to understand

I get a queasy feeling in my solar plexus
Mouth opens wide like a Tyrannosaurus Rex's
I start to swing and I adopt a funny stance
Then I realise I'm doing the Electric Dance

I stand alone surveying
The European ruins in the rain
The smashed up bars and colonnades
I guess I won't be drinking absinthe again

Do you want to be like me?
Let go of your security
Don't be afraid of me, just do exactly as I say

I sway from side to side and swagger like a smoothie
Don't like me doing it though, do they? Don't they? Do they?
You may be sceptical and look at me askance
But tomorrow you'll be doing the Electric Dance

They'll do it in La Rue, they'll do it in Die Strasse
They'll do it in das Haus, la maison and la Casa
All over Europe, they will fall into a trance
And behave the jerky swing of the Electric Dance

I was young and I was so naïve
But now I'm not
I know everything

Here come the Chinese clowns
Here come the Chinese ladies
Here comes the dragon on a stick, yeah
He's howling, he's howling at the moon
Electric Dancing like a tin baboon

Marched into Belgium and we casually destroyed it
Felt slightly guilty but we secretly enjoyed it
We'll conquer Poland, Russia, Portugal and France
We're the Holy Living Gods of the Electric Dance

I'll burn the future down like fire on a flambé
March through apocalyptic ruins like a zombie
Your eyes light up in terror watching me advance
For I am the Leaping Lord of the Electric Dance

Seedy Pimp

Stalking the streets
Prowling for meat
Something petite
A little dumb dolly to treat

Come right inside
I can provide
A very wide
Selection of prossies to try

Isn't it nice
This life of vice
Do one for a tenner
Do the second half price

My tarts are hot
I've got the lot
If they don't shag you
I'll have them shot

I'm a seedy pimp in Soho
Standing outside Madame JoJo's
In a great big purple fur coat
With a pistol in my fist

It's only half p for a Mojo
But 25 quid for a blow-jo
Won't you try my dirty whores and you will see
You'll see

I know a dolly
Goes by the name of Molly
If you give her some lolly
By Golly, she's good

Hey Mister X
Do you want naughty sex?
Do you like German nurses
With fat hairy necks?

My wife and kids
Don't know I do this
It's my secret bliss
So button your lips

Don't tell the cops
About my knocking shops
Or I'll take a few pops
At your chops

I'm a seedy pimp in Soho
Standing outside Madame JoJo's
In a great big purple poncho
With some bling around my wrist

I am a sleazy little sinner
I eat dog muck for my dinner
Have a quick go on my birds and you will see
You'll see

I cruise around the grotty pubs and bars of Central London
Looking for naughty little schoolgirls to capture
Then I drug and enslave them in my illegal harem
And use all the money to buy crack and jewels
People have a go at me sometimes and say I should stop doing it
But get over it, man - it's only a bit of harmless fun

I'm a seedy pimp in Soho
Standing outside Madame JoJo's
Like some sleazy little Mofo
Selling bitches for a quid

I like to con the dilettantes
Who come sniffing round for panties
Won't you try my filthy bints and you will see
You'll see
You'll see



The Outsider

I'm the Nazi homosexual
Injecting morphine in a Berlin brothel
Time is wanking onto my parade
And I'm dying in the dance hall
While the gasolation ass boys bang a sailor
With some fish heads from the war

I'm the cat man on the underground
The dog man in the skies
I'm a scary ghoul with clanking chains
A pig's head full of flies
I'm the dodgy electrician
With the funny wonky eyes
I'm a creepy fascist mastermind
A skeleton in drag
I'm the thin white Martian leper Christ
A genie with a zigzag
Won't you please light my fag?

I killed God and danced upon his grave
I didn't mean to
It was Twiggy Pop and Jaggy Wag
And Wiggy Twanky made me do it

Batman murdered his Mom and Dad
With his bipperty-bopperty baseball bat
So bye-bye Time, you drugged up draggie
Waiting in the wings
It's not over till the painted midget sings
Wham, Bam, Mam, wigwams and things

I spat into the eyes of my death
And ran away into the night
Like some old Grandmother in black and white

I jumped over the Berlin wall
The guards shot me in the head
But they can't kill me - I'm Nietzsche's Superman

Well, I'm afraid of Mickey Mouse
He grew into the size of a cow's doll's house
And he looked like Andy Pandy in a blue silk blouse
Till he put on his red Mac
And boogied to the tune
Of Philip Arse and Brian Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moon

Oh well, I wish I could swim
Cause then I wouldn't be here drowning in my vomit
On a comet with a spaceman on it

Knock knock
Who's there?
It's Bertie Brecht and Scott and Jackie Brel
Some right-wing dicks in boiler suits
And pretty things from Hell
A devil in a dressing gown
A genocidal Action Clown
A spiderbilly smoking brown
You crack heads
You don't mean nothing to me

Twinkle, twinkle, Little Death
You morbid faceless goon

I'm just not bothered any more
'Cause I'm not alone
No, I'm not alone

Give me your hands
Give me your hands
I'm sick of mine

Well, Daddy loves his chimney face
I heard it on the news
He broke his balls on Crazy Space
In Rape and Kill Me shoes
Will he ever be released
From Chinese dodos' gay hairdos?

The Golden Age

And in the Golden Age
We used to sit and listen to the wireless
Oh, we were poor, you know
But we were happy

We stood atop a hill
And clutched our caps like nothing really mattered
With coal dust running down our laughing faces

But look around us now
The old days are totally gone
There's nothing left for us
But slag heaps and clouds

Why are they over?
Those were the best days of our lives

Goodbye my bygone days bygone days gone by
Goodbye my bygone days bygone days of days gone bygone days

Some people disagree
Some say that the old days were abysmal
Cause of the Wall Street Crash
And World War Something

But what of Fred Astaire
And Charlie Chaplin's foray into talkies
Marlene Dietrich's legs and King Kong's movements?

But look around us now
The old days are totally gone
Because of Father Time
And Old Mother Clock

We can remake them
We can relive those happy times
We have the power
We have the glory
We can build Eden
In the back yard of our minds

Goodbye my bygone days bygone days gone by
Behold the new days of magnience and splendorifity

The future creeps up like an actress
Pretending to be someone new
Brandish your mystic wand and say "Be gone"

And Lo, there came some ancient Kings
Who spake of European things
The distant sound of unheard symphonies and pizzicato strings

So raise a glass to ancient time
And sip a cup of ancient wine
As rain folds in our weathered hands like ancient fabled rhyme

Nobody will ever get sad
We'll never go mad
When we're living in the golden age

Nobody will ever get hurt
We'll never eat dirt
When we're living in the golden age

Everyone will have their own yacht
And we'll never get shot
When we're living in the golden age

Nobody will ever cry
We'll never ever die
When we're living in the golden age




Lyrics by Waen Shepherd 2003-2004
Copyright Control



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