Polaroid Suitcase: The Script (2003)

Gary’s first full-length show won me a couple of awards, but I think that was mainly because people were dazzled by this 31-year old bloke prancing around in tights and make-up singing about robots and nothing to do with the writing. In fact, the actual words I said in between the songs were frequently described as “flat” and (to paraphrase) “the boring bit in between the songs”. So here it is!

Answers for Mr Skelton (2003)

An interview conducted by e-mail with my friend Charlie Skelton for a website he used to edit which I can’t remember the name of. I suppose I could ask him but I’m kind of enjoying not being omniscient. Note these answers are given by me, Waen Shepherd, and not by Gary Le Strange. This duality seemed obvious to me but tended to confuse a lot of other people. Charlie is not one of them.

Guardian Q&A (2004)

Another written interview, this time for The Guardian, which thrilled me to bits and made me feel like I was briefly culturally relevant. The answers here are written in the character of Gary Le Strange, and not in my own voice. If that idea needs explaining then there’s no hope for you. Whether Gary was still culturally relevant by the time they got around to printing it (if they ever did), I have no idea.

Beef Scarecrow: The Script (2006)

Bits of the Beef Scarecrow show evolved as its Edinburgh stint progressed, so this script, written before the run started, is an approximation of what it eventually became. Though I structured the show and wrote the final words, most of the ideas came from discussions with my wife Katy and some of the lines are hers so I always consider this to be a 50/50 collaboration.

Face Academy: The Script (2004)

My original concept for Gary's second show was that he would use it as a political platform from which to begin his campaign to rid the world of mediocrity - a lecture at the Face Academy, where the audience are Face Cadets learning how to fight the powers of drabness. But I was too busy to do it justice and I ended up with this. It's best to think in terms of the first show being about Gary's past and the second about his present.

We Love Gary Le Strange: TV Script (2004)

After Gary's first Edinburgh, I was lucky enough to be offered a script development deal with the BBC. The initial request was that I should write a one-off TV special (rather than a pilot for a series) and this is the result. My producer was Graham Smith, a former writer for the NME - the inclusion of his former colleague Paul Morley was his suggestion. The script editor was Danny Wallace - the dream sequence was his idea.

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