Colin Watson in his bald period
Look at Me 2008
A Mika parody written for Lucy Montgomery to sing on BBC3’s comedy extravaganza The Wall. Her performance and the choreography were stunning but the BBC chopped it in half so the broadcast version made no sense. Here’s my original demo.
Northampton 2008
Another demo, this one written for Tom Meeten’s one-man stage show I am Northampton, which he subsequently took around the pubs and clubs of England as part of his solo act. It’s me singing on this version.

Raining in My Brain 2009

One of two songs I wrote for a character called Blake Famous, who was supposed to be some kind of 50s/60s British rock & roller. Did precisely one gig as him in 2009 before abandoning the idea, briefly reviving him at Club Fantastico in 2012.

Me and You, a Monkey, a Teddy, a Deaf Kid and a Shoe
2007 (vocal recorded 2008)
A song I often sang live in the guise of sixties surf rock legend Colin Watson. Recorded this demo for a BBC internet project but it got rejected. A live version can be found here.
Meaty Porky Face 2010
Lady Gaga-inspired song written for Lucy Montgomery’s Variety Pack on BBC Radio 4, which got rejected for various understandable reasons. This version features me and a backing singer who wishes to remain anonymous.
Mika bounces with a breakdancing frog
He is Northampton
Mincey beefy plate
Love motorists
Raindrops Keep Falling in My Brain
A Musical CV
La La Lenin (demo) 2010
A song written for Simon Messingham's Disco, in the style of Boney M. Simon gave me the title and the first two lines, I provided the rest. I did another version of this with more lavish production values but I think this demo serves the song better.
Ooh Why Hay Why Eh Eee Ooh 2008
Dexy's Midnight Runners parody from the BBC Radio 4 pilot The 'Don't Watch With Mother' Sketchbook. I've always called it 'Dexy's Song' but the official title above is the one improvised by Rhys Thomas on the night of the recording.
Possibly the man who sang this song?
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Theme from 'Captain Helix' 2007
Theme tune to an imaginary TV series about Captain Helix, the show-within-a-show from BBC 2's Hyperdrive. Commissioned by BBC Online to accompany a Captain Helix game. The words are mainly by Kevin Cecil & Andy Riley with a bit of rejigging by me.
Captain Helix taunts Nick Frost
(I Think We Blew) The System 2008
Finale to a music-based pilot called The Mainstage, written by Gareth Tunley and produced by Channel X. Ostensibly by a band called Donkey Kong Jr (fronted by Rich Fulcher), you can see the end result here but this is the demo with my guide vocal.
Rich Fulcher on 'The Mainstage'
Bag a Dog 2008
Tom Meeten sings the lead vocal on this song we wrote for Mr and Mrs Fandango, a TV pilot he made with Barunka O’Shaughnessy shown as part of C4’s Comedy Lab series. I did the music, they did the words. If they are actually words.
Tom Meeten in bed dreaming of bagging dogs
Chips at a Bus Stop 2008
Another piece from The Mainstage, this time a quirky indie-rock tune which featured in a sequence about rehab-rocker Dave O'Farrell, expertly portrayed on screen by Josh Topp. It's me you can hear singing/screeching and shouting "Fuck off"
Dave O' Farrell welcoming you into his toilet
Motor Love 2011
Another anonymous female vocal on a piece I wrote for Simon Messingham’s play ‘Disco’ at the Brighton Fringe. This is my preferred ‘radio edit’ but a longer cut can be found on the promo video here. And yes, it’s the same tune as Agbaja.
Colin Watson looking vaguely Satanic
Moneyf*cker 2008
Another from The Mainstage, attributed to the rapper X-Rental, though it is in fact entirely written and performed by me. Gareth wanted something pretty hardcore so I took inspiration from Busta Rhymes and Qadir and let rip. Not for the easily offended.
A still from X Rental's low-budget claymation video
Little Old Nick 2013
A 1964 Antichristmas hit by Colin Watson and his band The Early Birds - I recorded the track and wrote the lyrics in 2008 but didn't record the voice till 2013. I've performed it exactly twice and it's been languishing on my hard drive ever since.
Camanimanamanemo 2015
Another one I miraculously wrote and recorded in one morning. The Crackanory episode The Catchment Area wanted to use a Buena Vista Social Club song for the camping scene but, when that fell through, I had till lunchtime to fill their shoes.
A middle class camper listening to Camanimanamanemo
The Monster Bop 2015
From Bob Pipe's short film The Monster. Bob needed something like The Monster Mash to end the party scene and, rare for me, the lyrics were done within five minutes. I like to imagine it was a minor hit for Blake Famous (see above).
Helen George & Richard Glover about to do the Monster Bop
Mr and Mrs Fandango
Mika bounces with a breakdancing frog
Gary in purple, by Andy Hollingworth
Rik Mayall narrating Crackanory with his fingers