The Firemaker (Version 1) 2007
The first piece I wrote for my unfinished Monophonic Empire project, principally inspired by Gorillaz and Doctor Who. I never considered this finished - made two other versions and always meant to blend the three together. But this’ll do for now.
Agbaja 2007
One of the more successful experiments from the Monophonic Empire sessions, this was constructed as a matter of random chance while exploring various percussion loops. The title comes from a drum loop (presumably named after the region in Nigeria).

Colony of Sound 2007

Another piece from the Monophonic Empire sessions. This track is all a happy accident, with a clear concept but no discernible tune, all constructed on Atmosphere and Stylus RMX using just a mouse and a QWERTY keyboard.

Siciliano 2006
An accident that happened while playing with classical MIDI files. I wondered what this Bach tune would sound like if all the parts were played on all the wrong instruments. And yet somehow it sounds like it was always meant to be this way.
Life on the M62 2011
One of two pieces I entered for a competition held by the Bob Moog Foundation and Spectrasonics, written and constructed while I was recovering from an operation. The title alludes to the many hours I spent on the motorway as a young boy.
The Sicilian flag
"I saw fire come from his fingers"
The mountains of Agbaja
Sound travels
The M62
A prism
Prism 2010
This track is an improvisation - apart from the drum loops, this is all played live on a Novation SL-Mk II, filtered through Cubase 5 and Omnisphere, Trilian and Stylus RMX. May not be the best thing I’ve ever done but it’s one of the most “grown up”.
Vesta’s Clock 2011
The second of two pieces I entered for the Spectrasonics OMG-1 Contest, which to my astonishment was named Most Original Composition and earned me one of the top four prizes. The track mainly utilises the Bob Moog Tribute Library for Omnisphere.
Vesta's Fizzog
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Elliptical Orbit 2006

Originally a part of the 'Maggots' suite on Gary Le Strange's third album but I didn't have time to finish it. A strange piece of two halves, I planned to extend and refine this for an instrumental project called Monophonic Empire, but I didn't finish that either.

Elliptical orbit
Pescatonic 2010
Another live improvisation made entirely with Spectrasonics' Omnisphere and Stylus RMX, concentrating on expansive water-based sounds and bubble effects. The kind of music dolphins would make, if they were me, and wanky enough to say that.
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Roof of the World 2007
Another Doctor Who-related title, the Roof of the World is another name for the Himalayas. The Eastern-sounding riff I pilfered and mangled (from a royalty-free source) reminded me of the Who story's epic journey across 13th century Cathay.
Tarmac Genetics 2014
A very early demo from my first week of ideas for The Ghoul, this is a very Stranglers-like extrapolation from an Omnisphere improvisation. Quickly dropped from the soundtrack's shortlist but I've always retained a special fondness for it.
The Roof of the World
Yet Another Morning 2014
Another piece I wrote for The Ghoul, while I was foolishly fighting for the soundtrack to contain a few more folky elements. In the end we agreed not to include it but the track still makes me feel as inspired as the morning I wrote it.
A beautiful but marginally grim English morning
Freeways on the Sun 2007
Mostly made with instrumental loops on Stylus RMX with carefully-chosen sound effects laid on top of it, this is a piece of sound design rather than a piece of music, with the aim of sounding like it had been taped at a live gig by a bootlegger.

Walking Off the Cross 2010

A slightly edited improvisation performed almost live on Omnisphere with backing percussion from Stylus RMX. Named after a real-life story that happened to me when I walked off the cross while playing Jesus in a school Easter play. (TRUE)

Piss Christ
Mr and Mrs Fandango
Mika bounces with a breakdancing frog
Gary in purple, by Andy Hollingworth
Rik Mayall narrating Crackanory with his fingers