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Though I’m pretty sure everyone who worked on it will be very proud and pleased with how well it’s turned out, I think it’s also safe to say we were probably all stunned when we woke up one morning to hear The Ghoul (see here and here and here for more) had been nominated for a BAFTA in the ‘Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer’ category. As the only first-time writer, director AND producer on the list (not to mention the outstanding feat of managing to make a feature film for far less money than most shorts), I hope with every biased fibre of my tribal being that Gareth Tunley’s incredible achievement is recognised with an award when the ceremony takes place at the Albert Hall this coming Sunday Feb 18th. But naturally, every film on the list probably deserves to win, and the nomination is in itself a stunning vindication of Gareth’s decision and commitment to take that momentous leap into the unknown. Of course, I’m not a 24-hour-news station and by the time I upload this, we’ll probably already know the result, but hey, that’s time for you. (And my own lazy ineptitude.)

The BAFTA ceremony itself will be broadcast live on BBC1 at 9 pm on Sunday Feb 18. Meanwhile (or afterwards, or even during) you can watch the film on various streaming services like Amazon and iTunes, or better still, buy the DVD or blu-ray from Arrow Video - packed with special features including an hour-long documentary and a pristine print of our 2013 short The Baron.

Continuing my intensely lucky trend for somehow getting involved with exciting, creative new film & TV projects, I’m also looking forward to the broadcast of Action Team, an exciting and nerve-shreddingly ambitious new comedy about a spectacularly dangerous team of British secret agents, made by the incomparable Shiny Button and due to air on ITV 2 some time early in March. Made by the many of the same team who brought you Murder in Successville (produced by Andy Brereton, directed by James de Frond and co-written by James with Successville stars Tom Davis and Nico Tatarowicz), it combines some of the best elements of that show with a level of ambition rarely seen in British comedy. Filmed on location primarily in London and Sofia, the show builds a powerful, modern, globe-straddling narrative over six episodes that are just as concerned with character development, visceral action sequences and breathtaking visuals as they are with laugh-out-loud stupidity. Way too many great cast members and performances to mention but its main stars include Kayode Ewumi, Vicky McClure, Laura Checkley, Jim Howick, Derek Riddell, Rob Delaney and Stephen Graham, with an astounding dual role by Tom Davis that defies belief.

In terms of my own contribution (I wrote the theme tune and score for the entire series), I’d say it’s probably the biggest and most challenging job as a composer I’ve ever faced - writing, arranging, recording, performing and producing a musical score the length and breadth of two modern Bond films, but completely on my own in just under two months. Whether or not I’ve met the enormity of the challenge is for others to judge, but I’m thrilled to be a part of it and can’t wait to see what the world makes of it all.

For a sneak peek, you could do worse than have a look at this new trailer, though what it shows you is just the tiny tip of a massive international action-packed spy-berg. And after writing such a stupid sentence I really think I should shut my warbling face and wish you a jolly goodbye.

Waen xxx

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Action Team
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Tom Meeten looking as depressed, anxious and perturbed as shit
Tom Meeten looking as powerful, disturbing and intense as fuck
Jim Howick is Graham
Laura Checkley is Monica
A barbershop trio from Crackanory
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The Ghoul

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Tom Davis is Logan Mann
Tom Davis is Logan

Action Team
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Vicky McClure looking super cool
Vicky McClure is Ruth
Stephen Graham is Gavril
The Ghoul's swanky new poster (which probably gost more than the film did)
The Ghoul
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ACTION TEAM Coming to ITV March 2018
Rob Delaney is Victor
Gary Le Strange at the Garage, Islington (Simon Watson 2015)

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Richard Glover gives the performance of a lifetime in The Monster