The Ghoul
DVD & Blu-Ray
Arrow Films, Sep 4
Thanks to the eternal kindness and brilliance of Arrow Films, Gareth Tunley’s stunning debut feature film The Ghoul, starring the incredible Tom Meeten, alongside Alice Lowe, Rufus Jones, Dan Skinner, Niamh Cusack, Paul Kaye, Geoff McGivern and a load of other people I probably just pissed off by not mentioning, will finally be receiving the wider cinema release it deserves. From this Friday August 4th, the film will be available in selected cinemas across the UK (I dearly wish I could be more specific, but check local cinemas for details), with a US release following shortly after on August 10th. Or the 11th. It may well be speeding its way across the globe to other territories as well, but I’m just the composer, I’m too lazy to check, I’ve got precisely half an hour to finish this page before I go on holiday and your best bet is always to follow the film’s official Twitter Feed for up-to-date information. This list might help.

In the run-up to the wider release, the press response has been overwhelmingly positive, with glowing responses from Variety, Flickering Myth, The List, Sight and Sound, Uncut, Hollywood News, Sci-Fi Now, a fantastic review from Kim Newman in Empire and a thoroughly unexpected praising in The Fortean Times.

It’ll also be available on various streaming services simultaneously, so you don’t even have to leave your house to see it. Don’t ask me which ones, but someone’s bound to know. And if you’re still in any doubt whatsoever, why not watch the splendiferous new trailer, which literally knocked me sideways when I realised they’d actually used my own music on it (as I’ve discovered, an extreme rarity, and a serious honour).

And if you’re daft or unlucky enough to miss all that, The Ghoul will be arriving on both DVD and Blu-Ray, again courtesy of Arrow, in glorious 1080p with a full commentary, interviews with the cast and crew, an essay about the film by Adam Scovell and, to cap it all, Gareth and Tom’s 2013 short film The Baron, remastered with an all-new commentary of its own. Sept 4 in the UK and Sept 5 in North America.

Just in case you missed it, BBC iPlayer is still showing all six episodes of the third series of Tiger Aspect’s multi-award-winning Murder in Successville, for which I wrote all the original music. The writing, the direction and every aspect of the production are all top notch as usual, but this year the performances have gone through the roof, and the rookies are all just perfect. I’m really happy with my work on Ep 5, but without wanting to pick out a favourite, I think everyone would agree Martin Kemp’s Ep 2 is a little bit special. But hey, that was on months ago and you already know all this.

Meanwhile, Bob Pipe’s short films The Monster and The Baby’s Crying - yes, with music by me - have been winning awards and nominations all over the place, like these, and Fergus March’s excellent film Godless (which again I wrote the music for but also briefly appeared in, along with a cascade of other stunning cameos) has been doing stunning business of its own.
Oh yeah, and The Monster’s now available to watch on Amazon Prime, so now you’ve no excuse to miss the unnaturally talented Richard Glover giving one of the most beautiful and haunting performances of his career.

As for the rest of my life - I may have temporarily disappeared off the face of the Earth, but only so I could burrow deep within its bowels, badgering away on projects which will, one day, worm their way to the surface and see the light of day. Or maybe the light of the moon. Or even a sunless, starless darkness the like of which the world has never witnessed. But  I’ve stretched this metaphor way too far already and I’m already starting to think I might just leave the damn things in some undiscovered gold mine somewhere, next to a triceratops fossil. None of which will give you any idea what I’m on about, but what’s new?

Over and out (if you can hear me this far beneath the planet’s crust)

Waen “Origen” Shepherd xxx

The Ghoul
“Powerful, disturbing
and intense” ****
(Kim Newman, Empire)

The Ghoul
Interview with
Gareth and Tom
"MIND BENDING" - yep, that about sums it up
Alice Lowe being brilliant as Kathleen
The Ghoul's swanky new poster (which probably cost more than the film did)

The Ghoul
Twitter feed

Murder in Successville
Series 3
on BBC iPlayer

The Baby’s Crying
A microhorror
from Bob Pipe

The Monster
Now watchable on
Amazon Prime
Chris contemplates his life
Tom Meeten looking as powerful, disturbing and intense as fuck
And just in case you thought Tom couldn't get any more intense and visceral, this is what he looks and feels like in The Baron
Richard Glover gives the performance of a lifetime in The Monster
Richard Glover being effortlessly fantastic in Godless
Tom Davis is the Man
Successville - Series 2 (June 2016)
Beef Scarecrow
Available now!
December 3, 2013
Beef Scarecrow
Available now!
November 25, 2014
Shut Up Mum
Available now!
April 21, 2015
The egg Kraftwerk had for breakfast
I am a Video
Available now!
Nov 24, 2015
DI Sleet looking mean as Hell
Murder in Successville
Series 2
Jun 13, 2016
That swanky new Ghoul poster again

The Ghoul
In UK cinemas
from Aug 4
Yes, I did try very hard to find the exact moment of the interview where Tom looks most camp
"IMPRESSIVE" - oh yes

A short film to
love religiously
Rachel Parris in 'Godless'
The only shot I could show of The Baby's Crying without giving anything away
I've known Tom now for 17 years and always knew he had this in him, but it's indescribably thrilling to see him finally get the chance to show just how brilliant he can be
With James Wren and Adam Hills at the Godless cast & crew screening
And, finally, a recent picture of me looking totally sane at home with my best friend Janice, just in case you thought I'd become some kind of mad bearded recluse
The Ghoul's swanky new poster (which probably gost more than the film did)
The Ghoul
UK Cinema Release
Aug 4, 2017

Gary Le Strange
Still lives in the
Comedy section
Gary Le Strange gives his Mum a ticking off
Single Cover