The Day They Came
To Suck Out
Our Brains!

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Nearly nine years ago, in September 2004, Gary Le Strange began recording his third album, a futuristic slab of glamorous electronica called Glamoronica. With its quirky sci-fi rock soundscapes and its paranoid insights into the murky workings of Gary's mind, it looked set to be his masterpiece. But when he lost all his jobs in the space of a few months and a bankrupt venue ran away with all his ticket money, Gary went completely insane and ditched the album halfway through, leaving the unfinished recordings to rot forever in the bottom of a rusty bin.

Now, using the tattered remains of those original backing tracks (and a special electrical behaviour-modification machine designed to persuade Gary to get up and sing), six of those unfinished recordings have finally been finished. The result, a six-track mini-album called Glamoronica, now joins Polaroid Suitcase and Face Academy to become Gary's third archival release of the past year. Whether it stands as Gary's masterpiece is not for me to say. But it is, at least, a piece, and will be released for your summer delight on Thursday July 18th.

As usual, I've written an in-depth article about it, for those who like reading, which hopefully explains what the album was all about and why I didn't finish it. For those who hate reading and would rather just sing along, I invite you to commit Garyoke by singing over his original backing tracks. For those who like both writing and singing, here are some lyrics to sing over those tracks. And for those who like neither, I've added a few newly rediscovered pictures taken by Mandy Jones at the legendary Club Le Strange.

As for the rest of the summer - alas, my physical body won't be at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. But I will be there in spirit, mainly thanks to Dyad Theatre asking me to do the sound effects for The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe at the Assembly George Square (Aug 1-26, not 13). And, if you listen carefully, I also did some brief bits of music for Tom Rosenthal's live show at the Pleasance Courtyard (July 31 - Aug 25).

Finally, for those who won't be going anywhere near Scotland this year and are still reading this far down the page, The Day They Came to Suck Out Our Brains - for which I wrote all the music - is still available to view on Warwick Davis' Multiverse channel, now including a 30 minute compilation episode alongside all ten original instalments.
Glamoronica 2
Gary looking glamorous
Glamoronica 1
The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe, Assembly George Square, Aug 1-26

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GLAMORONICA is available from Thursday July 18th, 2013 for worldwide download on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon MP3. It is also available to listen to on Spotify and will soon be appearing on way too many other online shops, mobile apps and internet radio stations for me to mention.

Gary having a sing-song
Waen hopes you don't realise he made this CD cover himself in Photoshop

Newly rediscovered pics
from Club Le Strange
Gary singing with Dave the Fan and Philip de Vine at Club Le Strange
Gary Le Strange at the Udderbelly, May 2013 - photo by Lisa Thomson
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