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Hot on the heels of his November 2014 smash-hit comeback single Norman, Gary Le Strange is about to serve you another one in the shape of Shut Up Mum, his most personal and (in the sense that the personal is political) political song to date. An edgy, hard-hitting protest song about the overwhelming powers of his Mum, Gary hopes that by revealing his inner demons and conflicts he might help others to do the same, and bring light to this sometimes sinister world.

At the break of day on Tuesday April 21st (probably before this site was even uploaded!), you'll be able to download the track from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify and, over the course of the next couple of weeks, it'll pop up on just about every other downloading and streaming service in the universe. So this time there's no escaping it!

"What makes this different from every other Gary Le Strange single you've released so far?" I hear voices in my head asking me time and time again, even though I've only ever released one single under that name. And in response I say, "This one has a video!" Lovingly directed by the wonderful Kate Darby over the course of the Easter holiday, this cool, uncompromising piece of social commentary stars Gary Le Strange as himself and a mannequin called Janice as his overbearing, interfering Mum, and will be available to watch on Gary Le Strange's new official YouTube channel from 6 am on Tuesday. You can also read more about the making of it here on my lovely website.

To celebrate all this , Gary will be performing this Friday April 24th at The Islington on Tolpuddle Street with the fantastic Johnny Normal and Shelter. Doors open at 7pm and tickets can still be bought from www.theticketsellers.co.uk/tickets/normalstrange-and-fabulous/10035118 - don't miss this rare opportunity to see the reclusive Gary in action.

Hot on the heels of that, there's a new series starting on BBC 3 on Wednesday May 6th (I think) called Murder in Successville, an ambitious celebrity whodunnit from Tiger Aspect, starring Tom Davis giving an immense performance as the inept but endearing detective DI Sleet, with appearances from Dermot O' Leary, Greg James, Deborah Meaden, Cariad Lloyd, Tony Way and a hell of a lot of other people along the way. I'll give you three guesses who wrote the music for it and the answer for all of them is me. None of which would be obvious from this trailer, which features music made by someone else.

You might also spot me in a new teaser trailer for Steve Oram's debut feature film AAAAAAAAH! Starring Toyah Willcox, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Lucy Honigman, Julian Barratt and a whole heap of other immensely talented people. It truly is a staggering piece of work and I'm immensely proud to be a part of it. Due for theatrical release later in the year, you should be able to keep up to date with the news at the official Lincoln Studios website.

If that's not enough, I've also added a couple of chunky updates to my Music and Gallery sections, making this is one of the largest update I've made to my website since the dawn of time. I tell you there are only two more steps before I rule the ENTIRE WORLD!!!

Waen Shepherd, age 43
Shut Up Mum

Shut Up Mum
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Normal. Strange and Fabulous
The Islington
April 24, 7pm
Gary taking the piss out of his Mum's stupid new wig
Gary plays with his synthesisers

Shut Up Mum
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Shut Up Mum
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Shut Up Mum
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"And as for you Dad, you can shut up too!"
Gary looking cool against a brick wall
Gary's Mum in a floodlit underpass
Gary reading Flexipop Magazine
Gary telling his Mum to shut up
Gary's one-man subway army
Gary really means it this time
Gary in forest camo
We are Not Men
Gary relaxing at home
Gary proudly displays his new Mum-hating artwork
Gary with his Mum when he was just a little boy
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Shut Up Mum
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DI Sleet looking mean as Hell
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