"Le Strange is out there, pogoing perilously close to failure. But as the great man said, ridicule is nothing to be scared of" Guardian, August 09, 2003
"A sterling performance" Sunday Times, August 24, 2003
"Le Strange is as much a universal icon of shattered dreams as Alan Partridge" Evening Standard, October 23, 2003
"A cult is born" Chortle, August 05, 2003
"As character comedy goes, this is one of the best examples to debut at the fringe since Steve Coogan won the coveted Perrier Award back in 1992" Edinburgh Evening News, August 04, 2003
"A kohl-eyed amalgam of your worst New Romantic nightmares" Evening Standard, August 07, 2003
"A comic invention of gargantuan proportions" Edinburgh Guide, August 2003
"Those of a certain age will take a Stuart Maconie-esque delight in spotting how specific Shepherd's targets are" Financial Times, August 20, 2003
"Shepherd stands and delivers more than just perfect pastiche" Metro, August 08, 2003
"If you don't love it, you just don't get it" Fest, August 24, 2004
"The disparity between gag quotient and performing skill is wide" - A review which marks me down because I will be worse in the future? The Herald, August 13, 2004
"This year's pastiche tunes don't show their roots as clearly as in 2003... But they still evoke the era as vividly as a wallop in the face from Thatcher's handbag" Guardian, August 14, 2004
"In some ways Gary Le Strange is facing the Difficult Second Album Syndrome" Financial Times, August 2004
"At times engaging, at others brilliant, yet never dull" Edinburgh Evening News, August 8, 2004
"Le Strange is essentially doing the same thing as The Darkness, except he gets to have more fun with ideas" Metro, August 9, 2004
"His cult status doesn't seem to be catching on and Gary may soon be a stranger if the act doesn't turn up a notch" The List, August 19, 2004
"Almost as funny as actual New Romantic-era synth-pop" Independent on Sunday, August 8, 2004
"Too strange for the audience?" Broadway Baby, August 2006
"If you have fond memories of Gary Le Strange, don't go to this show, you will be bitterly disappointed" Edinburgh Guide, August 7, 2006
"Baffling, grandiloquent crap" - Chortle, August 2006
"An entertaining show choked by lazy writing" The List, August 8, 2006
"If your sympathy sides with the off-the-map underdog, you'll certainly savour this bit of beef" Metro, August 16, 2006
"That's the difficult second album out of the way; next, the rehab years" Scotsman, August 10, 2006
"More bizarre, disjointed and unfortunately not nearly as hilarious as his previous shows" Radio Newt, August 2006
"If you want to hear someone sing the word maggot over 30 times in repetition, then see this show. If you don't, then see anything else" Three Weeks, August 2006
"A novelty singer with a few slightly entertaining anecdotes" Fest, August 06, 2003
"Give this man a record deal before he injects himself with too much liquid eyeliner" Times, August 21, 2003
"The songs are where the show must stand and fall, and these are Humpty Dumpty standard" Radio Newt, August 2003
"This lovingly written, authentically inauthentic show hardly puts a foot wrong, save the one in Gary's mouth" Independent, August 16, 2003
"A send-up of the '80s New Romantics that is as sharp as it is affectionate" Daily Telegraph, August 20, 2003
"I haven't laughed so much at the fringe in years" Scotsman, August 18, 2003
"Nice butt!" Three Weeks, August 2003
"At its peak it's a hysterical send-up of the New Romantics, it just needs a few more laughs" Scotsgay, August 22, 2004
"Every aspect of the show is more polished than previously" Daily Telegraph, August 11, 2004
"The bastard son of David Bowie and Adam Ant" Scotsman, August 14, 2004
"I'm sorry Gary, for me you still don't quite do it" Radio Newt, August 2004
"It's still hugely enjoyable, but suffers slightly from the second-guessed oversophistication of the follow-up" Times, August 16, 2004
"A rare triumph... an inspired show, the like of which could scarce be imitated" The Stage, August 27, 2004
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"The campaign starts here. Gary Le Strange will have a Number One hit. He shall go to the ball. Oh yes." Andrew Eaton, Scotsman, July 30, 2004
"The second album from the man who is merciless in his lampooning of the early eighties" Alan Sharif, December 2005
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