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A sniffy little piece about the greatest comedy club the world has ever known. I was The Baddie. And when the piece refers to John Mann, they mean Roger Mann. Other than that it's broadly accurate.
"We can make our films in bedrooms and broadcast them to the world... without bothering with film distributors" - Ah, the innocent optimism of the Millennium
Even Robin Ince was young once - Time Out, January 15, 2003
Time Out, October 2003
Hard evidence that I once did a slot as a serious stand-up poet - Time Out, February 1995
Fest, August 25, 2004
Scotsman, August 8, 2003
Guardian, February 21, 2004
Evening Standard, July 9, 2004
Evening Standard, October 23, 2003
A short item written by Dave Green for his tech section of the Guardian which gave Gary his first ever press quote
Mark Monahan was a champion of mine in 2006. This describes the exact same performance as the Chortle piece on the Reviews page, but from a very different POV
Evening Standard, November 10, 2005
Telegraph, August 10, 2004
Edinburgh Evening News, August 20, 2004
Scotland on Sunday, August 15, 2004
Bristol Evening Post, July 2004
Sunday Times, October 26, 2003
Independent, August 5, 2003
Independent, April 3, 2004
Guardian Guide, May 22, 2004
Beautiful name pun headline - Walthamstow Guardian, October 16, 2003
I have to assume they were joking - TV & Satellite Week, Feb 19, 2005
If only I'd had the same amount of airplay (and the advance!) - Metro, October 2004
Spot the press release blurb - Walthamstow Guardian, September 30, 2004
Scotsman, August 15, 2003
Evening Standard, October 22, 2004
Vogue, December 2003
The very last place I expected to be mentioned - Vogue, December 2003
The Face, February 2004
Full colour photo shoot, just for this tiny snippet - no wonder the mag went bust; The Face, Feb 2004
Broadcast, May 10, 2001
Broadcast, July 27, 2001
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