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Then the paper runs the same story again a month later, but this time adding a picture of two boys who went to the posh grammar school in Wakefield instead. Boo!
I'm not mentioned in this thank God but I was part of the crowd it so amusingly berates, and demonstrates the basic attitude of Oxford student press towards Oxford student comedians
A rare piece which actually praises student comedy. And I'm a big fan of anyone who calls me "outrageously funny" too
I've never been sure whether this column is saying I'm good or bad, but it does misquote me in any case (It was "M for Massive, C for Cock")
Was Terrence Plums the critic's real name or a pseudonym to disguise the embarrassment of being so positive about the Oxford Revue?
An amazingly sympathetic piece in a gossip column about the night I was forced off stage at the Oxford Playhouse after a nice middle class family complained about my act
Success! Local paper hails local comprehensive kids who done good. But no photo...
It's a preview, not the review it promises, and even then it's pretty unintelligible. But it's publicity I suppose...
An editorial from the Oxford Student which almost attempts to be complimentary
It was not a habit of mine to offer cigarettes to young boys
We got this preview because a friend of ours was doing an apprenticeship at the Observer. But considering what it says, was it really a good idea?
Without a doubt the most damning review of anything I have ever been involved with. At the time it hurt bitterly, but in retrospect she was probably right
A fascinating article by Nick Doody about the state of Oxford student comedy in 1993. Which he uses to shamelessly plug his own show, and why not?
My first brush with fame - as the vicar in a mock wedding at Fairburn Primary School, 1981. I'm not in the photo
But I am mentioned in the text! Frustratingly they got my age wrong (I was 9) which really, really upset me. My first indication that you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers
A blonde Danny Zuko??? And a dark-haired Sandy!!! Surely some mistake???
Found this pic on the reverse of the wedding clipping. Why do I find it so amusing?
Finally, the day after my 15th birthday, I got my face in the paper! But I was on an exchange trip so you could only buy it in West Germany
You can sort of see me in the bottom pic but my face is all washed out
And finally, another three weeks after that, the same story again, but this time with a photo of those plucky comprehensive types. Hurray!
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Another fine pic from the Yorkshire Evening Post sessions
A news item which is broadly correct but misspells just about everyone's name
Another sniffy little editorial dissing a show I was in
Gary Le Strange shows off his Newton's Cradle
The two faces of Gary Le Strange
Young, innocent comedians prepare for their Edinburgh doom
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A pose chosen for a slagging by Radio Newt
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